Meyeson Symphony Center

Weekend Wanderings: Dallas Symphony Orchestra


If you have ever stumbled across my category Live Performances you know that Keltin and I enjoy going to shows now and then such as musical. Never fear, I have a bunch of musical reviews coming up in the next year but in the mean time I’ll tell about the Dallas Symphony and the Meyerson Symphony Center

Meyerson Symphony Center
Keltin and I at the Meyerson Symphony Center

It has been a while since I visited but the Meyerson is always a beautiful venue this time we saw a show called A John Williams Christmas. Which despite the word Christmas in the title the show allowed me to be a bit of a nerd. John William has composed scores from movies such as Star WarsHarry Potter and Hook. Some of this wonderful music was performed such as the Imperial March and Hedwig’s Theme. I loved ever minute. 

They also played music by friends and teachers of Williams such as Alan Anthony, Danny Elfman, and Dimitri Tiomkin. Some of the music played had need of a chorus and the Children’s Chorus of Greater Dallas were perfect. They sang beautifully.

If you are ever in Dallas and you love a fantastic performance make sure to checkout the Dallas Symphony. Next week I’ll be back with a travel post but I still have a LOT of video editing to do. Have a great Wednesday!  

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