Paperback Perils: A World Worth Seeing

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Title: A World Worth Seeing
Author: Brian Nelson
Publication Date: 2018
Publishing House: Outskirts Press, Inc.

Note on this review: I was sent this book buy a book promoter but I was not asked to do a review in return. The review is of my own volition.

A World Worth Seeing is a super short read coming in at just 81 pages. This book is not so much a story but a book that tells you all the places in this world that it is possible to go to. Many of which I wouldn’t consider visiting due to potential danger.

Nelson lays this book out neatly. The first chapter is vacation tips. He discusses everything from currency exchange to visas to different types of trips and tours. The subsequent chapters break down the world by region: the Americas, Oceania, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Within each chapter he discusses briefly the countries he visited and what there is to do or see. In many places he was simply a tourist, in others he helped with mission work and some he taught.

This is not a guide book, it won’t tell you the best hotels or restaurants. But this book will get you thinking. If a truck driver can visit 190 countries over 13 years what can you do? This book was written to inspire. It is not full of beautiful prose, just simple facts about the world that is beckoning us all.

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