Weekend Wanderings: Dodge City Brewing

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Our adventure in Dodge City was supposed to start at the brewery but they didn’t open until later in the afternoon thus we went elsewhere for lunch. That’s alright though because after a few hours of wandering through the Boot Hill Museum a cold beer went down easy.

I didn’t get to try much but three allows for a decent variety.

Coronado Lager – Dark without being to heavy with a faint coffee flavor.

1872 Lager – Pilsner, crisp and deep golden. A light beer without being flavorless, perfect and refreshing for a hot day.

Tenderfoot Raspberry Sour – American Wild Ale, fruity and sour with a tiny hint of sweet, tart without being overpowering.

Coronado Lager - Dodge City Brewing
Coronado Lager

 The Coronado Lager was my favorite but the 1872 Lager gave it a good run.

Dodge City Brewing also has food and are most well known for their pizzas. We didn’t stay long but I’m glad that I got the chance to taste these local brews. Sorry there is not review on the pale ale or IPA, I still can’t handle that amount of hoppiness. If you are traveling through Kansas and have an hour, stop by and checkout this brew house.

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