Study Abroad: Florence: Bargello Museum: Summer 2012


I thought long and hard about how I was going to tell off all the adventures I had in Florence because there is a lot to tell. I have two main categories: museums and other cities and in between there will be a bit of chaos.

I don’t remember the order in which I visited these museum so I’m going in *mostly* alphabetical order. Here is something fun though every time I visited a museum in Florence my host mom would tell me five more I needed to visit. I did not visit nearly all of them. Anyway the National Museum of Bargello.

The Bargello Museum is housed in one of the oldest building in Florence and it dates back to 1255. That sounds more like a time on a clock than a time in history. This museum has a large open central courtyard and many statues under arched walkways on both the ground and upper level. You can actually take pictures of the art outside but are not supposed to take pictures of the more delicate pieces inside.

I was a bad tourist and snapped a couple of inside shots but I made sure to keep my flash off. The Bargello is two stories and much of the art housed there is considered ‘minor’ Gothic. I’m not sure how well know this museum is but it is one worth visiting if you are ever in Florence. Also, when you visit make sure to take a moment to admire the ceilings. 

This is a cup, how would you feel to drink out of this?
Ivory Box with Precious Stones
I have no idea what I’m looking at here
Donatello’s David
I believe these are dolphins, not fish. They kind of creep me out.

The Bargello was a wonderful museum to visit. My apologies on the picture quality, I was not the photographer then that I am now. If you have ever visited this museum I would love to hear what you though. I would also love to know your favorite museum, anywhere in the world. Have a great Wednesday.


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