Paperback Perils: Harry Potter: Origin Discussion


I don’t know about you but I read Harry Potter growing up and made sure to make the midnight release for at least one movie. I’m not the biggest Harry Potter fan out there but the series definitely shaped my future reading and love of books over the years. My boyfriend and I were listening to the Binge Mode Harry Potter podcast yesterday morning. It was a recording of their recent panel from LeakyCon 2018. They started off their panel discussing their Harry Potter origin stories, how they came to know and love the series.

That got Keltin and I discussing it and I wondered how everyone else found Harry Potter and what influence, if any, it has had on you life. Here is my story:

To this day my stepmom loves audiobooks. She listens to them in the car on the way to and from work. She had Sorcerer’s Stone on cassette tape. I think Chamber was out by this point also. Anyway I listened to it and I think I was hooked (I was little so my memory is fuzzy). What I do know though is at some point the moment a book was announced I had it pre-ordered. I would have physical copies and the audiobooks. To this day I have two complete sets of the book and I’m slowly collecting the illustrated editions.

My boyfriend read the first couple in elementary school before stopping. When we started dating he read them all and is currently on his second read through.

One of my favorite origin stories though is a from the logistics professor at West Texas A&M. Dr. J had been listening to his kids and his students tell him that he needed to read the books for years. Then right after my friends and I graduated he finally read them and absolutely loved the story.

On the flip side of that one professor we had, our Shakespeare professor, used to love the name Hermione. This is a character in The Winter’s Tale. He said Harry Potter ruined the name. I will agree that Granger’s character now overshadows that of the queen from Shakespeare’s romance.

It doesn’t matter what age you start the story, it is always there to pull you in. Please share your Harry Potter origin story in the comments below. Have a great Tuesday. 

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9 comments on “Paperback Perils: Harry Potter: Origin Discussion”

  1. I started reading the series with the third book because at the time, I wasn’t aware of it being a series. But I loved it so much and by then I had realised that there were at least two more books in the series. So, I read the books in a weird order. Third first, then first and second and then third again by the time I got my hands on the fourth book. Bizarre but true.

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      1. English wasn’t my first language, nor was it the second and my parents were into reading that wasn’t practical so I only heard of it through my cousin who lived in Trinidad and in my library, I saw Harry Potter and I was like, this is the book she meant so I took it, never realising it was the third. My cousin never told me it was a series.

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      2. I would never have guessed that English is your third language. That’s awesome. I think your story is my favorite so far. And maybe your cousin just forgot to tell you but at least she helped introduce you.

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  2. I read most of the Harry Potter series because our Granddaughter, Laci, was reading them, and I wanted to be able to be able to talk with her about them. I actually enjoyed them, but remember being concerned that Laci would specifically separate reality from mystic. Yep, she definitely did!!

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