Weekend Wanderings: FC Dallas Game


I’m not really a sports fan but sports end up on this blog fairly regularly. That would be because of my wonderful boyfriend, no I’m not being too sarcastic when I say that. The most recent sporting event that we went too was the FC Dallas vs San Jose Earthquakes game on August 4th for Keltin’s birthday.

This was a busy game. We arrived an hour early and many of the parking lots were already full. It was a beautiful summer evening and the fans were already for a good match because FC Dallas is doing well this year.img_2607

Sadly, this was not one of those good games, that’s not to say that is was not a good time. The San Jose Earthquakes are supposed to be the worst in their conference. Before this game they had only won two games this season. FC Dallas was the top of their conference and they got beat 1 to 3.

I actually really enjoy soccer. Its 90 minutes of pretty much constant movement. Yes, sometimes the players exaggerate an injury and yes, it is a little over the top but the move is also weirdly strategic. There aren’t any commercial breaks and few reviews on plays. One of my favorite little things about soccer is that if something happens, like a foul, and the refs don’t see it, it didn’t happen, even if it was caught on camera.

The day we were at Toyota Stadium was the opening day of the National Soccer Hall of Fame. We did not go in but it is a place that I can see us visiting in the future.img_2608

Like I said earlier, FC Dallas did not win but it’s okay and there were still fireworks after the game. Our seats were great to just sit back relax and enjoy the show.

Are there any sports that you enjoy?img_2619

Photos by Laci McGee

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  1. I love Baseball! I’m going to a minor league game tomorrow. Second minor league game in my life. Usually, I just head to Milwaukee and watch the Brewers. Never been to a soccer game, well, professional at least. I do have some nieces that are very good at the sport.

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    1. My boyfriend enjoys most sports thus I’ve been to a number of baseball games, mostly Rangers. Minor league games are fun! There is one near us that we have been to watch a few times.


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