China: Old Shanghai and Yuyuan Gardens: March 2016


Happy Wednesday everyone I hope you are having a great week. Last week I deviated from China a bit but we are going back today.

From Wuhan we flew to Shanghai, our last city before departure back home. I’m from Dallas and no stranger to skyscrapers but China has Dallas beat by miles and miles. I’ve never seen so many tall building. Some unique, some just rectangles forced up against the sky.

These pictures were taken as we headed to the Four Seasons from the airport. I will post plenty more about the beautiful skyline next Wednesday.

After arrival we relaxed at the hotel. The next day exploration of Shanghai started early with a trip to Old Shanghai and the Yuyuan Gardens. The buildings in Old Shanghai were painted  beautiful deep reds with gold accents and roofs with flared tips. There is probably an architectural name for them but I don’t know it.

In these old buildings were modern shops: a Starbucks and lots of touristy shop with trinkets to buy for loved ones back home. My favorite shops was the silk shop. They showed us the silkworm cocoons and a bit of the process before letting us lose in the store. I bought silk scarves as gifts for my mom, stepmom, and sisters and I tie for my boyfriend.  

I’m getting ahead of myself here. We actually toured the Yuyuan Garden’s before going to the silk shop. I learned that gardens in China are not what I would have called a garden before seeing them. There are few flowers, if any, instead they are made up of rocks, trees and water features filled with golden-yellow coy. I do enjoy the bright colors of a flower garden but there is something calming about the muted tones and greens of the Yuyuan Garden.  

The Yuyuan Gardens date back to the Ming Dynasty. China is full of well preserved and restored history. If you ever get the chance to visit you defiantly should.

The rest of our day in Shanghai was just as beautiful as the morning but that you will have to read about next week. Have you ever visited Shanghai before? What was your favorite part? Also, check out my travel videos on YouTube.

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