Paperback Perils: May Reading List


Hey all, hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. I know we are already halfway through May but I wanted to share with you what I am reading this month.


By: Michael Chabon

My boyfriend, Keltin, had heard of this book and we happened across it on one of our book forays. He loved it and it is easy to see why. This book is filled with beautiful prose. Descriptions that dance in your mind. I hope, with enough practice, I’ll be able to write like this someday.

Moonglow is a lifetime of stories and recollections told by a grandfather to his adult grandson. His grandfather is on his deathbed and high on painkillers. The stories are frank, and beautiful in their telling and honesty even if the stories themselves are not beautiful. So far I am absolutely loving this book and cannot wait to finish it.


By: Madeline Miller

I’m sad to admit but I am still behind in my reading. Circe is actually my Book of the Month for April. Greco-Roman mythology is one of my favorite mythologies to read and I am interested to learn how Miller has written the story of this Greek Goddess.

Circe is a retelling of the minor goddesses story. What I know of her story I learned when reading The Odyssey and the Percy Jackson series. Reading more about a sorceress daughter of a Titan and sea nymph, yes! Super excited to read this book. I’ll let you all know soon what I think.


What are you reading this month? I’d love to know if anyone has read either of these book and what you think. Have a great rest of your week!

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