Poerty: Bear


A good friend of mine started an Instagram page called Good Dog Dallas. She challenged me and a few other friends to write a quick eight lines from our dogs prospective in the form of a poem or a rap. Well I can’t rap but I can write a poem. The picture was taken by my wonderful boyfriend, Keltin. Make sure to follow his blog and Instagram.

I don’t talk enough about my goofy, wonderful dog on this blog. He is a lab mix that I rescued from a shelter at 12 weeks old. As you have probably guessed, his name is Bear and he is a big teddy-bear. Enjoy his thoughts about his first trip to the beach!


Water is my element, this good boi needs to swim

but when i first saw the big moving water – i was scared

it chased me to the land and tasted bad!

Momma knew I was scared, I got to fetch my ball instead

and not get my paws wet.

After rest, sweet water, and a roll in the sand

it didn’t scare me so bad,

zoomies hit me and I leapfrogged the waves.



I hope you enjoyed this goofy little poem and the fantastic picture of my very happy Bear. Be sure to check out Good Dog Dallas.  I hope the rest of your weekend is wonderful!

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