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Backroads: The Road Home

Any trip teaches the traveler a lot but road trips are their own beast. A mostly unstructured wander through the wild places, adventures on the road less traveled. Proving that the journey is just as important as the destination. Road trips can be as structured or as unstructured as you like. When it comes to

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Backroads Road Trip: Finding Sights Off the Beaten Path

In this time of social distanced travel and of people making a lifestyle of living in redone vans and buses there is an appeal to the open road. A desire to find those best hidden places that others don’t know exist or are too busy to stop for a moment to experience. I spoke a

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Central Kansas: Road Trip Part I

Keltin and I had had a ton of fun exploring central Kansas but we wanted a few more adventures before getting home. Between a United States road atlas and a copy of The Kansas Guidebook 2 we mapped out our route home with some fun stops along the way. A GPS maybe able to tell

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