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Backroads: Planning and the First Stop

Keltin and I typically road trip while on the way to a bigger adventure. We make the journey as important as the destination. Ask yourself: where do you want to go? Is this road trip part of a bigger trip? Is it a there and back trip? Is road tripping your new nomadic life style?

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Backroads Road Trip: Finding Sights Off the Beaten Path

In this time of social distanced travel and of people making a life style of living in redone vans and buses there is an appeal to the open road. A desire to find those best hidden places that others don’t know exist or are too busy to stop for a moment to experience. I spoke

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Central Kansas: Road Trip Part I

Keltin and I had had a ton of fun exploring central Kansas but we wanted a few more adventures before getting home. Between a United States road atlas and a copy of The Kansas Guidebook 2 we mapped out our route home with some fun stops along the way. A GPS maybe able to tell

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