Backroads: Planning – Stop No. 1


Keltin and I typically road trip while on the way to a bigger adventure. We make the journey as important as the destination.

  1. Ask yourself: where do you want to go? Is this road trip part of a bigger trip? Is it a there and back trip? Is road tripping your new nomadic life style?
  2. Make sure you are traveling during the time of year you are comfortable with. If you aren’t comfortable driving in the snow, then make sure to do your research.
  3. Make sure the things you want to do are open. Right now with Covid, many places are still closed. Research can save you time and heartache. To pair with the above some places close out of season.
  4. Budget, Budget, Budget. On a trip like this spending can get out of control.
  5. Figure out lodging before hand. With Covid more and more campsites are requiring reservations and the ones that don’t require one fill up quickly. This also helps with budgeting, even a cheap Airbnb might cost an extra $50 with fees.
  6. Plan for things to go wrong. This last year has shown that plans sometimes have to drastically change, be prepared. This can be anything from keeping emergency cash to sleeping in a Walmart parking lot if all the camp grounds are closed.
  7. Make sure your vehicle is reliable. A lot of the best road trips pass through sparsely populated areas. Even if you have to rent a car, make sure you are in one that is not going to leave you stranded in the middle of the desert.

Road trips are fantastic adventures but they turn from fun to a nightmare if not properly prepared for beforehand. A minute by minute itinerary is not required but a general layout for each day will help leave you free to not worry and to enjoy the journey.

The middle of nowhere and the road to anywhere.

On our last trip to Kansas Keltin wanted to take a detour to see the location where the finale scene of Cast Away was filmed. A crossroads in the middle of nowhere Texas but if you keep going on them those roads will take you anywhere.

Open plains as far as the eye can see and towering windmills doting the horizon.

The Next Stop

Can you guess the next stop on our trip? Do you have any tips you want to add for planning the perfect road trip? Let me know in the comments! Safe travels!

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