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Backroads: Stop No.3 Mullinville, KS

The artist that created these signs passed in 2017 but his art outside of Mullinville, Kansas is still creating waves. These signs, art pieces, are meant to be loud comments on various topics – mostly political. I find them crude and rude, however, they are also a non-violent form of political commentary. Commentary aside they

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Backroads: Sustainable Travel – Stop No. 2

I’m doing this a bit out of order but I feel like it is an important thing to consider when on a road trip. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like the little things that we try to change do much but every little bit makes a difference. Here are some easy things you can do to

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Backroads: Guidebooks

For a long time I had mixed feelings about travel guidebooks because I didn’t want to visit anywhere that was too popular and crowed but I didn’t want to miss anything either. Now after having travelled considerably more I have grown to appreciate them. The one main drawback from guidebooks is that they can be

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