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Backroads: Guidebooks

For a long time I had mixed feelings about travel guidebooks because I didn’t want to visit anywhere that was too popular and crowed but I didn’t want to miss anything either. Now after having travelled considerably more I have grown to appreciate them. The one main drawback from guidebooks is that they can be

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Close to Home: Introduction

Grapevine, TX

I really started this series last week but since then I have actually visited the local Visitor Center and figured than an introduction was in order. I hope these posts inspire you to find those place that are interesting and just around the corner. Place that you wonder past on a walk with the dog

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Kansas: Little Jerusalem Badlands State Park

In October of 2019 a new state park opened in Kansas: Little Jerusalem Badlands State Park. I knew that we would be going to Kansas in later December and this new park was top on my list of places to visit. The day we had the chance to visit was so very windy. In theory

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Galveston Island State Park: Visitors Guide: May 2018

I hope that everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend. To all who served, that you for your service and sacrifice. It is Wednesday and you are probably expecting a China story, never fear, they will be back next week. Over the long weekend Keltin and I visited Galveston Island State Park. Hopefully this will

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