Foodie Friday: All the Lemons

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After a family event I ended up with a surplus of lemons that had not been used. I had so many lemons, that even after all of these uses I still have lemons to use. I’ve been cooking with them a lot as well.

Usese so far:

  • Dehydrated Lemons
  • Citrus-Vinegar Cleaner
    • I peeled the lemons to soak in vinegar before juicing for lemonade.
  • Lemonade
    • Paired with a Honey-Raspberry Simple Syrup with infused thyme.
  • Lemon Bars

Lemons in Savory Recipes:

This roasted chicken has compound butter as a marinade with lemon zest, fresh herbs, salt, and red pepper. Lemon slices are stuffed in the cavity. The chicken is resting on a bed of barley, carrots, onion, and herbs. The chicken fat added great flavor to the barley.

What are your favorite recipes to use lemons in? Do you have any suggestions for the rest of my lemons? Let me know I the comments. Happy cooking!

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