Caddo Lake State Park


It’s time to go camping! This was a hot summer but we did go camp during it…once. Caddo Lake is the only natural lake in the state of Texas. Yes, all the other lakes are man made reservoirs and many are damed rivers that then flooded the surrounding area. Caddo is part of the Big Cypress Bayou, this area is made up of slow moving wetlands and cypress swamps.

The area is beautiful but don’t swim in this lake, I’m pretty sure there are alligators. We did pre-book our campsite at Caddo Lake State Park. During the summer there were plenty of tent camping spots available but as has become the rule with post-Covid, we decided that pre-booking was safest.

We did take Bear on this camping trip with us, the adorable fur ball did his best to steal all the space in the tent. I’m pretty sure he also decided he prefers the AC. We did not canoe as I was worried that Bear might jump into the water and I did not want to fight an alligator for my dog.

Bald Cypress trees surround Caddo Lake and they are naturally decorated with strands of gray Spanish Moss. The Bald Cypress are deciduous conifer trees; yes I double checked this fact twice because these trees confused me. Most conifers do not shed their needles when it gets cold out but this one does. Bald Cypress are neat because they are fairly rot resistant because they live in water and they have “knees,” part of their root system pushed up out of the soil to help them breath. These trees also buttress at the bottom to help with stability. I might love the look of these trees.

This was a hot trip and with all the thick trees there was almost no breeze. However, it was still relaxing. We got to hammock and disconnect for a few days. Keltin picked out some excellent recipes (more on them later) and so we ate well. All in all, a warm day camping is better than working. Where is your next camping trip? Let me know in the comments. Remember to leave no trace and safe travels!

Thank you KW Photography for allowing me to use your wonderful photos!

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