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When traveling in the US we typically don’t use travel companies, however, for this trip to Ireland we decided to go with one that I had been looking at for a while: Wilderness Ireland. I wanted to use a travel company for a few reasons:

  1. I had no idea where to start planning this trip.
  2. We wanted to hike but had no idea where to go.
  3. Going to a foreign country post covid was a little overwhelming.
  4. They practice Sustainable Tourism and that is something the world needs more of.

What was included?

We selected one of their self drive tours so that we could do things at our own pace and extend the trip for a few days after the Wilderness Ireland planned portion. We selected the Northern Ireland and Donegal tour. The tour company did the following:

  • Booked our hotels.
  • Booked our guides and trails.
  • Booked dinner reservations.
  • Answered all my random questions.
  • They would have booked our rental car but I did that.
  • Created a trip itinerary.
  • Mailed us a map and guidebook
  • Helped us navigate the train system when our flights were messed up.
  • Sent us information on Dublin even though it was not part of our tour.
  • Sent us information on where to book covid tests.


All of our guides were very prepared and were great to spend the day with. In the Mourne Mountains our guide, Paul, even had to bring out the emergency shelter during lunch because that current rain storm also brought some cold wind. None of our guides pushed us too hard on the hikes and they provided a ton of information along the way. Seriously, I learned more hiking up a mountain about the history, geology, and culture of Ireland than I ever have in a class room.

Going with a tour company is not the most economical option when traveling but it does take a lot of worry off of you. Things are handled by people who know the area and can book things that most people would never know about. I highly recommend Wilderness Ireland. They also do tours in Scotland. Have you ever used a tour company for travel? Let me know in the comments. Remember to leave no trace and safe travels.

Thank you KW Photography for allowing me to use your wonderful photos!

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