Ireland: Food Trailer in Killybergs


After hiking Slieve League we were starving. Our first choice of place to stop at for dinner was a local place called The Rusty Mackerel. However, the parking lot was completely full. Not wanting to block anyone in or wait for a parking spot to open up we decided to head back towards are hotel and stop at the first place we liked along the way.

That place ended up being a food trailer in Killybergs. Also, for anyone curious, I don’t remember all these names; I have them noted in my travel journal. The food was good I had a spicy chicken kabab with a side of chips and Keltin had the fish and chips. Fish and chips are always a safe bet in Ireland.

While we were eating this little guy came up and started begging just a little. The people running the food trailer said that he likes to hang around. Being the softy I am I gave him a tiny bit of a chip. He sniffed it and walked away! I’m pretty sure the local birds found that morsel. As we were finishing up our meal we saw him heading proudly back the way he had come with a full chip in his mouth.

This was a short stop but it was a good opportunity to see places that we would not have seen otherwise. Do you have any interesting tales from random road trip stops? Let me know in the comments. Remember to leave no trace and safe travels!

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