Fall in Trinity Park

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I meant to share these photos months ago but the holidays got in the way. Bear and I had a free afternoon and we went for an adventure in Trinity Park in Fort Worth with the camera. Bear was a good boy and was happy to indulge my artistic side for a bit. Trinity Park is a great place to walk, run, picnic, or just relax. When we lived closer, Keltin and I used to bring our hammocks out here and read, draw, or write a lot. There is also a little train that runs through the park and near the Fort Worth Zoo.

I found a rosary on the ground. There isn’t really a lost and found so I hung it on a tree so that it was more visible in the hopes that the owner would find it.
A happy Bear
I decided that the best way to take pictures was to lay on the grass. I was pulling leaves out of my hair for way too long.
A good boy.

What is your favorite park to visit near where you live? Let me know in the comments. Remember to leave no trace and safe travels!

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