Rocky Mountains: Victor, CO

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From Phantom Canyon road you meet the main highway at the junction of 81 and 67 right next to a historical marker and trailhead on the road to Victor, CO. Phantom Canyon is beautiful but after a couple hours on a bumpy gravel road I was ready to stretch my legs for a bit. I wouldn’t really call this a hike, we were on a trail but it not well tended and very overgrown and we only wondered a little over a mile total.

Old mining carts at the trailhead.

Be that as it may there were some beautiful late summer flowers along this trail and I bet at the peak of wild flower season the mountain side is a riot of color. We meant to hike the Independence Mill Site Trail but due to how overgrown things were we missed the turn off and hiked the Golden Circle Trail. Also, according to the map Golden Circle is not a loop trail.

After our little excursion we headed into town. There is not a whole lot in Victor but there is a general store for drinks and snacks. There is also a mining museum. We wondered into both in search of postcards and managed to find some in the museum. We didn’t have time to tour the main portion of the museum but they do have an outdoor area with antique equipment that we wondered through. This is a cute but sleepy little town with it’s own charm.

Even if you don’t stop in Victor there is an overlook right outside of the town as you make your way to Cripple Creek that is worth stopping at for a minute or two. It has some historical information but it also provides a magical view.

There is still a smoke haze in the air from the fires farther west.

Victor is a cute town with a living history and great views. Have you ever visited this small mountain town, if so what did you think? I’ll see you in the comments! Remember to leave no trace and safe travels.

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