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We have just stepped foot into fall and I already have a ridiculous number of books that have been added to my to-read shelf. Mostly this is due to finding some gems at my favorite local used bookstore, Recycled Books, but also my wonderful husband has bought me a couple that I just mention wanting to read at some point.

Keltin and I follow Hank Green on TikTok and had to get a copy of his books. This is the first one in the series and I’m loving it so far. Hank Green is the brother of John Green who’s books I won’t read anymore because they have a tendency to make me cry. I’ll let you know if this one does too.

I have always been a huge Lord of the Rings fan and The Hobbit is on my top ten list of favorite books. I’m currently making my way through The Silmarillion, an adventure on its own. Keltin saw that this book was coming out and decided that I needed it, I’m excited to explore it! This is more of a reference guide than story.

In all my down time in 2020 I read the first two books in this series. They are fun reads that insert dragons into history. I was excited to stumble across this third book in the series at Recycled. Dragons are always fun and these are easy reads when I want action but nothing too emotionally involved.

In 2020 I listed to my first Robin Hobb book: Fool’s Assassin, which is the first book in the The Fitz and the Fool Trilogy but I realized that I started a little late in this world and wanted to start at the beginning. I did love this book and want to read or listen to the others depending on what the library has.

However, I wanted to read some of the earlier books in this world and came across the first two in The Rain Wild Chronicles. Also, I have to buy books with DRAGONS.

After I bought these books I realized that they are still “late” in the timeline of this world but I really don’t mind.

Book 2 in The Rain Wild Chronicles. I bought this in conjunction with Dragon Keeper at Recycled Books for a great price. Support local!

We typically don’t travel too much in the fall and thus it is the prefect time to explore new places and ideas and people through books. What are you reading as the days shorten and the leaves turn gold? Let me know in the comments! Happy reading!

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