Portland: Powell’s City of Books


Portland is weird, a bookstore the size of a city block is awesome. As much as I read I will admit that I did not know that this bookshop existed until Keltin told me about it and since we were taking a day trip to Portland anyway we had to visit Powell’s City of Books. This bookstore is so big that they have maps of the floorplan. The store could have been a maze but is actually very well organized and all the rooms are color-coded. Books for days.

Due to covid, they were only allowing a few people in at a time we got in line soon after they opened when the line enter was fairly short. Good thing we did too because the line got long fast. Once we got inside, I didn’t even know where to start there were so many books. This shop sells both new and used along with other merch such as postcards, stickers, and totes.

I ended up with four books and was actively not looking at anything on my way to checkout so that I didn’t find anything else that I might want. I am very happy with my selection:

We both could have spent hours looking at books but had plans to meet family for lunch. If you enjoy a good book and are in Portland I highly suggest visiting. Parking is tricky, so if you are planning to go I would recommend having other things to do in the area. Have you ever visited Powell’s Books? If yes, what did you think? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Large bookshops are places of wonder. Stuffed to the rafters with old books, lovingly read and passed on, alongside newer books which will add to the atmosphere. I could spend all day in bookstores if it wasnt for the facts that (a) I’m a beagle, (b) I live in the UK and (c) I cannot actually read. BOL.

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