Backroads: Road Trip Technology – Stop No. 8

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Here is some tech to make your road trip easier. Depending on where you are staying during the road trip you probably will not need all of these. However if you do intend to camp here are some small items that might make your trip easier and safer. Remember too that you don’t have to buy all this type of stuff new. See if fellow adventures will allow you to borrow their equipment.

  1. Power Adapter – These wall plug to car charger adaptors are great for if you forget a charger or have something that doesn’t come with a car charger. They are convenient, useful and fairly inexpensive.
  2. Solar Lantern – these are great if you are camping or sleeping in your vehicle while on a road trip. The pack nicely and you don’t have to have a power port to charge them on.
  3. GPS – These can be pricy but depending on how and where you are road tripping one might save you if you get lost on a hike on an excursion or while on some old backroad.
  4. Spot – These are also pricey and are more meant for people backpacking out in the middle of nowhere but they are a useful way to let everyone know you are safe without having to text or call a lot of people everyday. We used one a pack trip over the Continental Divide many years ago and it worked great.
  5. Camp Stove – If you are car camping these camp stoves don’t take up a lot of room provide an easy heat source for cooking and making coffee.
  6. Packing Organizers – These are fairly inexpensive and are easy to use. I really like them because they help to pack things down more securely to better utilize space and to keep things clean and separated as needed.
  7. Coffee Maker – There are a variety of these camp coffee makers. These are designed to be lightweight and pack up easily. These are a good option for car camping.
  8. Sleeping Bag Liner – These are good for a number of things. If you are camping, they add an nice extra layer to keep you warm. If you are staying in hotels and aren’t 100% comfortable with their sheets then these are a way to give you an extra layer of warmth and comfort.
  9. Battery Pack – These are life savers, especially if you forget a charge cord or have too many other things plugged in or need to charge something and don’t have power. These battery packs typically hold 2-3 charges, the bigger ones can hold more. If nothing else, this is a must have for any trip.

All of this tech is not required for a good road trip. These options are simply to make things easier in the long run. I know I’d prefer to make coffee or tea in camp and watch the sunrise rather than go find it somewhere. Let me know what technology you use to make the road trip better. See you in the comments!

Appreciating the Past and Looking Forward

We have driven on Highway 60 a number of times and see this old bridge just as many but it took us years to finally stop and explore the history of this old bridge – a technological marvel in its day: Canadian River Wagon Bridge. This bridge was originally built in 1916 and was extended in 1923 after the Canadian River changed course. This made it the longest pin-connected bridge in Texas.

This was a fun stop and gave us a chance to stretch our legs and to learn about a little bit of local history. The bridge is now part of a walking trail. Have you visited? Let me know in the comments!

The Final Stop on Our Road Trip

Any guesses as to the last stop on this road trip before heading home?

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