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With the way that Ketlin and I take into Fort Worth we pass Cowtown Brewing Co. quite frequently. A couple of weeks ago we knew that bad weather was on the way so we decide to enjoy a beer on the patio before being stuck indoors for a week. See our Texas Snow Storm.

The way this brewery works is that upon entering you open a tab at the register by the door and get a number before finding a table. Servers then come take your order and you pay before leaving at the same place where you opened the tab. The brewery has a lot of indoor seating and a dog friendly patio. They serve food in addition to the rotating list of beers.

Keltin called his Imperial Milk Stout “excellent!” It was perfect for winter days with coffee notes. I have to admit that I ordered the Flux Capacitator because of the name and the beer lived up to it. This beer is rich, smooth and slightly hoppy. I look forward to visiting this brewery again in the summer to try some of the their lighter brews in warmer weather. Drink local and stay warm!

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  1. Going local seems to have become the new norm during Covid times, thankfully. I think that prior to the pandemic many people didn’t really connect with their local brewery, coffee bar, convenience store, bakery, butchery etc. They seemed to be in a state of suspended reality with getting everything from the superstore and it all being delivered. Suddenly people were finding out that they had local amenities which were good, if not better, than the multinational corporations who sought to feed clothe and water as many of the population as possible. I hope the conversion to local shopping continues.

    I hope you are all ok after the terrible weather you suffered recently too.

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  2. Cowtown looks fabulous, I’d love to go there especially for a Flux Capacitor. Hope you used the roads on your way home or didn’t you ‘need roads’!

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