A Texas Snow Storm


As you all have probably seen by now, Texas has snow and most aren’t taking it well. The temperature has been below freezing for several days now and may do not have power. The Panhandle of Texas does know how to deal with this weather, its the rest of the state that is freaking out.

Here is the view from my front and back doors:

We are keeping the Bear warm. He has grown accustomed to the snow but the video below shows his initial reaction to all the cold stuff on the ground!

This NOPE is quite adorable!

Thank you to my wonderful sister for providing the banner image! The lake at our parents property is frozen! I hope you are staying warm and we will make it down here, we are just going to gripe about the weather the hold time. Let me know how you are doing in the comments. Stay safe!

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  1. Feeling sorry for all of you. I’m in Chicago, we had 18 inches of snow and cold temps, but we expect this… you don’t. We keep shoveling, there is no where for the snow to go. It’s pretty to see if you have heat in your home. I heard your weather should be in the 70s next week, yes? Then it will melt quickly. Stay warm. Tried to watch video, but it wasn’t loading.

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