Olympic Peninsula: Olympic Waterfalls

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Early on in our trip we visited the Olympic National Park visitor center before heading up Hurricane Ridge and at the visitor center was a sign indicating places within the park to visit; some of those places were waterfalls.

Madison Falls

Madison Falls is .1 mile from the parking lot, this is a quick and easy waterfall to see but it is not the most impressive. There are a variety of other trails that can be hiked in the Elwha River Valley but we did not hike them this trip because we didn’t have time. We would love to come back and explore them, the Elwha Valley is beautiful.

Sol Duc Falls? Soleduck Falls?

These falls are in the Sol Duc Valley. There are a couple of different ways to spell Sol Duc (this one is my favorite). The Sol Duc Falls are a little less than a mile from the trailhead and were by far my favorite falls on the entire trip. I swear I felt like I had stumbled into Rivendell. The falls a below the trail in a gorge spilling clear water in a roaring torrent. This is a fairly moderate trail with little elevation gain, the falls are a popular destination and there is plenty are of trails to explore beyond their thundering waters.

This shelter was built as a CCC project during the depression.

If you do see the Sol Duc Falls, make sure to also pull off on the road along the way to see the Salmon Cascades. These cascades can be reached by a quick walk from the road (less than .1 mile) and are worth the visit.

I love how blue this water is, just beautiful!

Marymere Falls

The trailhead for Marymere Falls is at Lake Crescent, and most on the trail is pretty easy right up until the last bit which gets you a lot of elevation gain in a short distance if you want to hike for a view near the top of the falls. If you don’t want to deal with the elevation gain there is a viewing area at the base of the waterfall too. This is a popular trail as the trailhead is right off U.S. 101.

One of the bridges used to reach Marymere Falls.

Olympic Waterfalls

Relax to the beauty of waterfalls

If you do get the opportunity to visit Olympic National Park I highly suggest visiting at least a couple of these waterfalls. The hikes are fairly easy and the valleys they are in are worth seeing on their own. Have you ever seen these waterfalls? If so, which is your favorite? Happy travels!

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