Hiking Ray Roberts State Park

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On a rather dreary and wet morning Keltin and I got ready to head to Ray Roberts State Park to hike. Due to the current pandemic all day passes have to be purchased in advance and we didn’t want to waste the pass. Hoping the weather apps hadn’t lead us astray we set off for the park. Once we arrived it was still sprinkling but the main down pour had stopped, yay!

Parts of the trail were muddy but most of the trail was fine, a bit rocky but nothing too treacherous. I am glad I had towels in the car, Bear loves to play in the mud and if nothing else I would have needed to clean off his paws. We chose to hike the Red Loop of the DORBA trail. We did not do the full 8.8 miles, instead only hiking around 4 miles.

The mushrooms were really showing off their colors on this cloudy day. I really loved the ones surrounding the stump full of rain water. In the forest there is beauty to be found everywhere.

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The trail goes near the lake and on it we came across this turtle nest, I think anyway. I hope that these eggs hatched and that the babies are swimming in Ray Roberts.

Despite the rain and the mud this was a beautiful hike and the wet conditions made sure that we saw very few other hikers on the trail. Have you been hiking on any good trails lately? Let me know in the comments! Happy hiking!

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