Lake Ray Roberts-Johnson Branch: Visitors Guide


I love to hike but never get to enough because Keltin and I keep ourselves so busy. Well last weekend we had a Sunday free and headed out to Lake Ray Roberts State Park. We picked this location for our hike for a couple of reasons: drive time and that it was a place we hadn’t visited before.

Bear exploring the trail.

Also, a family friend of ours wrote a book on called Best Tent Camping: TexasEven though we weren’t looking to camp the book was helpful in that it had the address and the entree fees for the park along with simple directions plus a host of other information like good local places to eat. Could we have gotten all this online, yes but its nice to have it all on one convent page.

Our 5 mile hike along the Dogwood Creek Trail wasn’t anything crazy beautiful but it was so nice just to be outside on the trail. Bear was happy to sniff and mark everything he could and Keltin and were glad just to be in nature.

In case you want to visit:

  • Cost to get in is $7 per adult
  • They have a ton of tent camping spots, some have a view of the water.
  • Tent sites have a picnic tables and grills
  • They have a boat ramp at the park
  • There is a playground at the end of the main road near the lake.
  • This is a popular spot for mountain bikers and the park contains a number of trails.
Bear watching the water.
View through the trees.
Halfway point.
Keltin is loving his new hat and hiking pants from REI. The camera clip was a Christmas gift.
I am just glad to be outside.

When you are out in nature please leave it better than you found it. It makes me sad to see trash along the trail and I have taken to picking it up. Also, don’t forget to submit your story to my TRAVEL MOMENTS CONTEST.

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  1. This is fun for what you may find a rather odd reason. I’ve flown through DFW innumerable times, both for business in the Dallas area and — more frequently — en route elsewhere. Flying in and out, one sees all those big lakes spread around the city, and I always ASSUMED there must be some worthwhile hiking around at least some of them. So thanks for putting me on the ground in Texas, y’all.
    Thank you for visiting Under Western Skies.

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    1. There are plenty of places to hike! Lake Grapevine has some great trails too. White Rock Lake is pretty but mostly concrete paths. Hopefully I’ll be posting more hikes as the year goes.

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      1. Glad to know that immense metropolis of yours has that sort of outdoor resource nearby. Not surprising, of course, but it’s an important quality-of-life issue, and you’re to be commended for getting OUT there.

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