Kansas: Final Thoughts

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I absolutely loved visiting Kansas with Keltin.  We got to explore some really neat places within a couple hours drive and I got the chance to explore the town of Johnson itself more than I had in past trips.

Besides the Stanton County Museum, one of my favorite places was The Old Store. This store used to be Emery’s Drugs, a drugstore. After it closed The Old Store opened in its place, a neat little old style soda and ice cream shop. img_3479

Keltin got a Green River soda and I got a Vivian’s Bran Mash. This was defiantly a new flavor combination for me. There was vanilla ice cream covered in chocolate syrup, with malt and peanuts then a second layer of everything on top of that. Different but good.

Johnson is a neat little town with a rich history. If you happen to pass by stop in at the museum or at The Old Store. Meet the people that call this wonderful little town home.

Laci Saw the SignDon’t miss my side trips from Kansas: Capulin Volcano National Monument and Two Buttes.

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