Salt Block Cooking


Christmas before last Keltin gifted me a pink Himalayan salt block and I have served on it a number of times. However, we decided that we were not getting full use out of the block and decided to cook on it.

Blackberry Meringue Served on the Salt Block

Now once you cook on a salt block you don’t really serve on it again. And the color of the block changes from the rose-pink to a pale pinkish-white. Salt blocks have to be heated slowly to avoid cracking, the first time in particular. It is recommended that they be heated in 15 minutes increments over the course of 45 minutes or so. They crackle with heat expansion.

Salt block pre-heating.

I will admit that I was a little nervous heating the salt block for the first time, sure that it was just going to split. It did not and Keltin grilled some fantastic flank steak on it for fajitas.

We got the recipe for the spice rub from a salt block cookbook. This is a fun and tasty way to cook and I cannot wait to test out some new recipes – maybe even make our own. Have you ever cooked on a salt block? Happy friday!


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    1. Let me know how you like it! Please make sure that you get proper gloves for handling it while hot! They store a ridiculous amount of heat!


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