Colorado: Durango Craft Spirits


Our last day in Colorado was spent wandering the streets of Durango before we had to head to the airport. The thing is, we had already visited a number of shops and even a brewery at the start of our trip in Durango and wanted to try something different here at the end. So we strolled in a different direction and ended up at Durango Craft Spirits.

We sampled the Cinder Dick Bourbon, Soiled Dove Vodka, and the Mayday Moonshine. Everything was good but I’m not a big spirit drinker, preferring beer and wine. We stayed in the tasting room for a long while because the owner/barkeep is an awesome guy to talk to both about spirits and just stories.

In the end I left with a bottle of bourbon as a gift for my dad, he really enjoyed it. I highly suggest visiting this tasting room for some smooth spirits and good conversation the next time you are in Durango.

Thank you KW Photography for allowing me to use your wonderful photo!


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