Wedding Planning Update


I know, I got engaged this summer and since then it has been crickets on the wedding front. In my defense we have been out of town a lot but have gotten a lot done.

We have a beautiful venue and are getting married next fall! Engagement photos are scheduled for this autumn. Yes, Bear is going to be in the pictures and even has a new red plaid bandanna. Now to figure out what I’m going to wear…

I will say that the initial planning gave me a bit of anxiety. This is a big day in our lives and i want to get it right but now that we have the big stuff out of the way its time for the fun stuff – dress shopping and decorating! Decorating both the venue and the bridal party.

Keltin has been my rock through all of this. There is a reason I’m excited to marry him. He is involved in the process and keeps me grounded and within budget when my imagination starts to run away with me. Our families are just as excited as we are to plan a wedding.

I hope you are are doing well and would love to hear what good things are going on in your lives!

Thank you to KW Photography for allowing me to use your photos!


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  1. Congratulations on the engagement and lets hope the wedding planning goes smoothly now. It’s so easy to get carried with it all and before you know it the budget has been blown to pieces. Great to hear that you are both involved in it though as often the groom-to-be has no input at all.

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