Texas Hill Country: Alamo Springs Cafe


Keltin and I were starving after we reached Fredericksburg and after checking in we decided to stop in at a local burger joint that we had seen on the drive in. Alamo Springs Cafe isn’t exactly in the middle of nowhere but there are a couple of miles between in and the next nearest restaurant. The place was busy. They have a patio larger that the building and a small stage where a musician plays on weekend evening.

This is an interesting restaurant because all the drinks are on the honor system. That includes the beer and wine and they do have a good selection of domestic, import, and local craft beer. The food was great, just the right amount of greasy. I will say that my chicken sandwich would have been fairly normal without the chipotle ranch on it. That stuff was even better when you were dipping fries in it. Keltin had a cheeseburger with pepper-jack cheese and their “famous” jalapeno-cheddar bun. He said it was excellent, even if it did fall apart a bit.

This is a small town, hole-in-the-wall looking burger join that makes some excellent food and that you can just tell is the place that the locals love to eat at too. Also, it is right down the road from Old Tunnel State Park.

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