Hiking Lake Grapevine

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This last weekend was busy. It rained like crazy all day Saturday but Sunday was beautiful! One of my good friends was in town so I took her and a very excited Bear down to Katie’s Woods for a little hike along the lake shore.

Path to the lake.
You can see the dam in the distance.

I know stuff like this looks neat but it bothers me that people spray paint the local trails. Please enjoy the beauty as it is. Also, I picked up more trash than I want to admit on this hike, including a ton of fishing line.

Bear exploring the rocks. Luckily he doesn’t like to jump from this height.
Just some neat rock formations.

We only hiked for a couple of miles, partly because of time and partly because, due to the rain, it was really muddy in places. The trails at Katie’s Wood park are probably the shortest trails around Lake Grapevine but that doesn’t mean they don’t provide some great photo opportunities.

This video is older but I took it on the way to Katie’s Wood park. Enjoy and safe travels!

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