Paperback Perils: The Far Field

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Title: The Far Field
Author: Madhuri Vijay
Publication Date: 2019
Publishing House: Grove Press

The Far Field is my December 2018 book from Book of the Month. I know, I’m a bit behind on my reading. This book took me a while to get through, that’s not because it is a bad book though, its actually a very well written book but it is so heavy.

Vijay writes this book in the form of a memoir of Shalini. She goes in search of a childhood family friend in Kasmiri after the death of her mother. This book is a reflection; looking back at past events not to learn from them but to understand a role.

The story in these pages is full of loss and lies, pain and anger but it doesn’t read as angry. It is a reflection with all the painful truth laid bare. This text also explores local politics and religious issues in regards to where they intersect the storytellers tale. An enthralling story that I still don’t think I have recovered from reading.

I recommend this book to lovers of Fiction, historical fiction, and memoirs.

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