First Monday Trade Days

Weekend Wanderings: First Monday Trade Days


Recently I went to Canton’s First Monday Trade Days with a couple of friends that were in town. Now I have never been to trade days but was excited to go even though I was not sure what to expect.  I should have expected the chaos; I’ve been to plenty of festivals and I know how crazy busy they can get. Trade days are no different. Trust your map app to help you find your way around the chaos of traffic. 

The Arbors

We started our adventure at The Arbors. Three big covered barns with rows of vendors that look kind of like what one might see at street fair. Artisans and jewelry sellers, people selling dip mixes and olive oil and soaps along with some cloths and a handful of older items. We spent a good bit of time there before venturing into the wild that is the rest of the trade day grounds. 

I’m not sure what this outfit is, Not seen – the pants are bell bottoms.
Wind Chimes
Wind chimes
This description was for chairs.
Dog Art
Dog metal art

The Field

From The Arbors we moved to the fields. This is where the real treasures can be found. Antiques and odd finds galore. We found a five gallon bucket full of marbles and sleds and furniture. I can’t even describe all the random stuff available for sale. 

They were making homemade ice cream. It was excellent. I had orangesicle.
All the rocks at this stall. I bought a stone ring.
Mattie with her flamingo.
Madison with a GIANT wrench – note the trailer full of wrenches behind her.
If you know what this please feel free to tell me.
I’m not sure about the ankle support in these but defiantly an interesting find.

Trade days are fun and full of interesting finds that are just waiting to be discovered. I loved it and can’t wait to go back to see what else I can find. 


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