Colorado: Two Buttes


A morning trip out to Two Buttes is the last side trip that we took from Kansas. Two Buttes is weird because if you Google it you will get the name of a small town but there is also a small mountain in the area that sits on the open plain with only flat land surrounding it. In all honesty it kind of reminded me of the Lonely Mountain from The Hobbit but sadly there is not a dragon guarding stolen treasure in this mountain.snapseed-6

This little mountain is one that you just kind of have to know about. There are no signs to the mountain or the little reservoir near it. Upon reaching the reservoir we noticed a few people camping near it. You can’t swim in the water thought. There were signs saying not to, some poisonous algae in the water.

We didn’t stay long near the water, opting instead to drive up closer to the mountain and go for a short climb up it. The climb was easy, the view beautiful but the flies at the top were dreadful. Buzzing around everywhere, thousands of the annoying things, not stinging but I’m not a fan of that many bugs landing on me. We didn’t stay long.

If you don’t have a chance to visit beautiful Two Buttes check out my video with some awesome aerial drone footage, compliments of my boyfriend, Keltin.

Featured image from KW Photography.

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