Weekend Wanderings: Grapefest 2018: Grapevine, TX


Many cities and towns have main street festivals but I don’t know if I’ve been to a more popular one than Grapevines Grapefest. I have gone to the festival on several occasions over the year and it has always been fun. However, the Saturday of the 2017 festival was so packed that you could barely walk down the street. This year we went on Thursday night and it made all the difference in the world.

The 2018 Grapefest ran from Thursday September 13 to Sunday September 16. Thursday night and Friday before 5pm have free entry. These nights are also less crowded and allow you to enjoy the festival without feeling overwhelmed by people. My favorite thing about going on Thursday night was properly being able to enjoy one of the wine experiences that are what Grapefest is known for.

The way the wine experiences work is that for $14 dollars you get six one-ounce tastings from your chosen experience and a souvenir wine glass. I chose to try the Old-World Wines Revisited: Rioja Region of Spain. Here are the wines I samples:

  • AT Roca: 2015 Rosé Reserva: This was a nice sparkling rosé, light with a hint of strawberries.
  • Encomienda de Cervera: 4T4 Tempranillos: This was my favorite wine of the night. A deep full red wine with notes of red berries and caramel.
  • Ondalán Bodegas: 2014 Ondalán Matured Tempreanillo: I enjoyed this wine but it was a bit more earthy than the 4T4 and I didn’t enjoy it quite as much but still a great wine.
  • Campo Viejo: Cava Brut Reserva: Bubbly is fun, I don’t often drink but always enjoyable to try. This brut was well-rounded with flavors of white fruit.
  • Barón de Ley: Rioja Blanco: A wonderful refreshing and fresh white wine with exotic aromas.
  • David Moreno: 2016 Rosado: Bright fresh rosé with hints of berries and stone fruit.Grapefest 2018 

If you enjoy wine then the wine tasting at Grapefest is a must. If you are not a wine drinker there are other things to see and do. The midway rides are always a good time but don’t get off after eating too much wonderful faire food. Shop artisan booths that are set up down the center of Main Street or explore the quaint shops and restaurants along either side of the road.

As at any festival parking is an issue but the city of Grapevine has come up with a brilliant solution. They have set up parking lots in easily accessible areas that are a good distance from the faire. The patrons are then bused to the front gate and back to their parking lot when ready to head home.img_3141

Next fall be sure to head over to Grapefest or in the spring check out the Main Street Festival complete with locals craft brews.

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