Study Abroad: Rome: Day 2: Summer 2012


Our second full day in Rome took us to the Vatican. I remember it being a more of a museum than anything. Halls and outdoor galleries lined with centuries of history, from a giant bust of Augustus Caesar to the ceilings themselves being works of art. We were able to see the great work of Michelangelo in the Sistine chapel but were not able to make it into Saint Peter’s but were able to see it from the outside.  

We started the tour near the rear of Vatican City.

One of the questions our guide asked was if we knew who the first emperor of Rome was. She was quite happy when I said Augustus and not Julius.

I could have laid on the floor and just admired the ceilings and this was before we got to the Sistine chapel. Granted we were packed into the Sistine chapel like sardines and I couldn’t have laid on the floor even if I wanted too.img_2584 This painting is by Raphael and is titled The School of Athens. It is on a wall in the Apostolic Palace. It is one of my favorites and I was quite excited to get to see it in person. 

Saint Peter’s Bacilica from the outside.

img_2588This is the only glimps that I got of the Swiss Guard.

Italy defiantly has some flavors of chips that we do not have in the states. The pasta primavera was a wonderful dinner. img_2594I really love graffiti and signs. Italy has some great graffiti.

Have a great Wednesday everyone. Let me know what you love about Rome.

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