China: Final Thoughts


I should have done this after the last of my Alaska posts but didn’t think about it at the time. I’ll probably go back and recap that trip too.

China was amazing. Yes there are major difference in culture and language but I didn’t go there to see what I was accustomed to at home. I went to learn and experience a new place, to eat new foods and see new things. I did. Did I like all the food? No, but some of it was fantastic (I’m looking at you Peking duck).

Is all of their cultural history clean and pretty? Definitely not, they had wars and emperors and conquerors. Ours history is just as ruthless theirs just goes a lot farther back in time. Many parts of China are covered in smog but the bright light at night hold their own beauty. And the countryside? Gorgeous, I’m just sad that I didn’t get to see more of it.

Despite the 14 hour plane flight from Dallas to Beijing and the 14 flight home from Shanghai I would go back in a second. There are so many more things to do and to see. So many more stories to learn and to share. I’m glad that I went and I’ll someday visit everywhere else.img_2371

Have you been to China? What did you think? If you haven’t been, what do you want to see most?

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    1. Yes, we loved our China trip. It is such a very different culture, living conditions, and government controlled. Travel allows such fantastic opportunities!

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  1. We loved China. We were very surprised by pretty much everything there and mostly in a good way. So much more advanced and clean than we expected. The northern parts of the Great Wall were wonderful, as were so many other provinces we visited. We actually really enjoyed the food everywhere, but ate primarily vegetarian so didn’t have to face the meat parts… Although we did eat Peking duck and it was superb We normally only write a post or two on countries we visit, but there was so much to see in China, we ended up with five.

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  2. Thank you for such a wonderful post about China. It was my motherland, so I love it no matter what. I think the countries evolving fast, so even I got confused at time. Peking duck is my absolute favorite and I could not find it anywhere else, so I may have to go back to Beijing sometimes. I really miss it!

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  3. Glad and happy to hear that you enjoyed China and would love to come back. You are totally right, China has a long history and thus a lot to explore. Maybe you can spend some more time in the country side next time. You can also think of coming to Qingdao. Here you can explore the country side and real traditional life just by taking the metro for 30minutes out of the city!

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  4. You sold me on the review when you didn’t complain about how different it is. I mean you can’t expect to feel as home in literally a different country, hell even a different city of your own country. Great pictures.

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