Paperback Perils: The City of Brass


Title: The City of Brass

Author: S.A. Chakraborty

Publication Date: 2017

Publishing House: HarperCollins Publishers

Add this book to your to read list. Chakraborty does an excellent job of creating an enthralling world and complex characters. I read this book in about three days, could not put it down. I will warn you though, this is the first book in a trilogy and the others have not been released yet. This story will leave you craving more.

Nahri is a con artist and thief living in Cairo. She does not believe in magic even though she herself is not like everyone. She doesn’t believe until she accidentally summons a djinn warrior, Dara. This story is the tale of Dara and Nahri’s journey to the djinn’s greatest city, Daevabad, and the how their lives are forever changed after their arrival.

Intertwined with Nahri, the story is also told from the point of view of Alizayd. Ali is the second son of the king of the djinn. The intermingling of the story gives the reader the opportunity to the experience the djinn world from different perspectives. Nahri is new to the dangerous world of politics whereas Alizayd has grown up in them. Growing up in court politics does not mean that he is able to perfectly navigate the deadly waters.

Daevabad’s population is a mix of pure blood djinn and shafit, human and djinn hybrids. In Daevabad there is an undercurrent of unrest in the rapidly growing shafit population. In addition the various djinn tribes have quiet animosity towards each other. This striff is mainly between the currently ruling tribe and the Deava, the tribe that ruled originally.

The City of Brass is full of rich scenery, potent magic, nefarious subplots, secrets, and unforgettable characters. It is definitely a book that I would recommend reading. As always, if you enjoy my blog please consider buying me a cup of coffee.