Weekend Wanderings: Wild Acre Brewing Company


I love a good beer and enjoy trying out new ones. If you remember by ranting love of the craft beer I found in Alaska, you know dark beers are my go to. When I get the opportunity, which is not as often as I would like, I make my way to a local brewery. My most recent brewery excursion was to Wild Acre Brewing Co in Fort Worth, Texas. On Saturday’s their tap room opens at two pm and I suggest getting there early.

Keltin and I arrived about 1:45 and by the time the doors opened the line was probably stretched back to the gate, about 75 yards away. They were releasing a new beer; Thunder Hug, a barrel aged imperial stout. Strong and dark with serious whiskey tones in the flavor. It is a beer meant for sipping on a dark night next to a fire, something to keep you warm. I actually just tried Keltin’s Thunder Hug because with all the beer there was to try I didn’t need my own glass of everything.

My initial beer was their Billy Jenkins Session Bock. Really enjoyed this one, my first love of darker beer was Shiner Bock and so I find when trying a new brewery that I like to start with a type of beer that I am familiar with and explore the other ends of the blonde to stout spectrum from there, which I did. My second tasting was the Soul Pleasure Southern Stout. This stout has a strong flavor accented with coffee. I had a small sample of their Moonlight Shine Wheat Ale but I’ve never been a fan of the orange flavor in beer. Not bad but not for me. I also tried their Blonde, this is more full of flavor than a light beer but without the bold strength of the stouts. It would be a good beer to drink on a hot day as you relax in the shade.

If you are ever in the Dallas Fort Worth area and have a free Saturday afternoon I would definitely recommend checking out this brewery. I also suggest bring a DD or have plans for a Uber. I’d love any brewery recommendations. Let me know what your favorites are and drink responsibly. Also, if you enjoy my blog please consider buying me a cup of coffee.

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