Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge

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The one thing that everyone wants to see when in San Francisco is the Golden Gate Bridge and when we were there it was shrouded in fog. The fog seemed to hug the coastline starting at the far side of the bridge. This fog made the ride across the bridge chilly and damp. The iconic supports of the bridge seemed to just appear out of the gloom.

We got the best view of the bridge from the far said at Vista Point. This is a popular overlook point for the bridge. Vista Point has parking, restrooms and water fountains, making it a great place to stop for a rest.

After Vista Point we biked down into Sausalito for a much deserver break and a beer. We stopped at Joinery and some very nice Australian tourists thought us how to lock our bikes up properly. The beer there was quite refreshing and well deserved.

If you choose to take the ferry back to San Francisco, make sure to keep an eye on the schedule as there are a couple of ferry that run every half hour or so but they go to different piers. To get back to the Fisherman’s Wharf area we needed to take the ferry to Pier 41. We got our ferry tickets from the bike rental shop but the tickets can be purchased at the ferry pier. There are refreshments available for purchase on the ferry. These were bike and pedestrian ferries only, not vehicle ferries. The ferry was a great way to get a view of the San Francisco skyline. We boated past Alcatraz Island, that is one place that I would like to visit on another trip.

This was a wonderful and busy day. If biking doesn’t bother you I do suggest seeing the city this way. We had a fantastic, if exhausting time. Safe travels and leave no trace.

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