Writing Group: Short Story: VIII

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For this prompt we all drew old movie titles from a hat and wrote either news stories or movie trailer based on the title. This was a ton of fun and we all laughed a lot at how ridiculous these got. As always, these short stories are unedited besides spelling.

The Crater Lake Monster (1977)


Builders creating a high-end resort off the shores of the pristine Crater Lake begin to disappear without a trace. During the investigation, as the local sherif’s department drags the lake searching for the bodies of the workmen, a strange blip is seen on their equipment. More people crowd the lake, polluting the blue-green waters. From the depths jumps a massive blue-gray shape covered in barnacles, the sherif’s boat is capsized in a massive wave. The surface of the lake stills, the creature has vanished into the depths.

The locals whisper the tale of the monster in the lake in the night and race to their boats in the morning with spearguns, intent on ridding the lake of the myth turned monster. Death, monsters, and mayhem coming to a theatre near you.


This was a ton of fun to write and even more fun to read out-loud to add all the ridiculous inflections. Do you have a favorite ridiculous monster movie? Let me know in the comments. Stay safe out there this Halloween!

Thank you KW Photography for allowing me to use your wonderful photos!

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