Writing Group: Poetry: Part IV


So we missed the last writing group because I managed to sprain my ankle badly enough that I thought I broke it. Thankfully I did not but I was in a brace and on crutches for a couple of days. I did write this poem after the incident and I did share it with the group. As of now, I’m still bruised but out of the brace. This was a quick write and the only edits were for spelling.

Bruises are universes of pain
Formed from explosions 
Spikes of pain traveling in waves
Down nerves and flesh 
As the gravitational forces 
Of a central black hole
Colors bloom: reds and purples 
Spiking out, spreading color 
And pain 
And life 

Bruises shift and change 
Swelling subsides 
Colors fade from vibrant warmth 
To phantoms of green and yellow
Universes fade too 
But in time unaccountable  
Do their colors change too? 

Photo from NASA.gov

I hope you enjoyed this short poem. What is the most ridiculous way you have hurt yourself? I managed this injury jumping to get a book off of a tall shelf. Yes, I was successful in retrieving the book. Happy reading and stay safe.

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4 comments on “Writing Group: Poetry: Part IV”

  1. Great poem, Laci. I hope you recover speedily. As for ridiculous injuries, I have a scar, lingering from ten years of age, due to riding my bike in a shed.

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