Nebraska: Thedford


Thedford is the county seat of Thomas County, Nebraska. This town is in the middle of rolling sand hills. This is ranch country as the sand hills cannot be farmed. This is a community of ranchers. The town is small, technically it is defined as a village, but there are people that live all around.

Keltin and I were in town to visit friends that had gotten married in a small ceremony in 2020 and were now having their reception with family and friends. One of our friends is from one of the ranches surrounding this this small town and much of her family still lives in the area.

Thedford has a hotel, a couple of restaurants, and 9-hole golf course. It is also about half an hour from the Nebraska National Forest. Where I got some hiking in. All in all this is a quiet town in a beautiful part of the country. I did not get the chance to stargaze here but I know on moonless nights that the sky would be bright with stars. I like small towns, they are quiet and full of history. What do you like about small towns? Let me know in the comments. Safe Travels!

Thank you KW Photography for allowing me to use your wonderful photos!

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