Amarillo for July 4th


We spent the forth of July visiting some friends in Amarillo. This trip was way too short and we didn’t get to see everyone we would have liked to. Both Keltin and I went to college in the Texas Panhandle and the region holds a special place in our hearts.


We started out enjoying some mead at Honey Buzz Winery | Creek House Honey Farm. This is a great place to get all sorts of wonderful local honey and other bee products. My favorite thing about visiting is that I can try a wider variety of mead than I normally would because they sell flights and carry and large number of different meads.

Within the last few years Amarillo has gained a minor league baseball team – The Amarillo Sod Poodles. A sod poodle is a prairie dog and the mascot for this team is named Ruckus. The Sod Poodles won and we got to enjoy the first fireworks show of the weekend.


Saturday was a bit of a lazy day. Sunday was an early day. Keltin and his friends love to golf so we were all at the course ready for a 8:50 tee time. Actually, I didn’t golf, I drove the cart, read my book and enjoy the breezy but beautiful day.

Sunday evening was grilling and fireworks. So many fireworks. We let off a few of our own but we could have just watched the various “shows” all around. Despite the pyrotechnics, the most impressive color came from this fantastic sunset. It was a beautiful end to a fun weekend.

Curious about this part of Texas? Read more about it here!

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  1. We didn’t get to spend much time in Amarillo, but we drove through it twice in the past couple weeks. I’m always impressed by the area, the rough terrain to the north of it is some of the prettiest sights in Texas.

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