A Birthday Dive


I have a lot of bucket list things to do and I’m working on them but one of them is NOT jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. I’ll scuba dive, I’ll ride in hot air balloons but no one has persuaded me to jump out of a plane yet. My sisters on the other hand are all for it. My youngest sister turned 18 and decided that she wanted to skydive for her birthday. I went along a support and as the photographer.

My two sisters and the birthday girl’s two best friends all went diving and they smiled from ear to ear the rest of the day. Watch Em’s dive below! They went Skydiving with Dallas Skydiving Center.

Here is Emily’s dive.

Have you ever been skydiving? Is it on your bucket list? Let me know in the comments! Here is to crossing things off that bucket list!

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  1. We recently went in a hot air balloon and it was lovely. I’m not against a parachute jump but I missed my opportunity to go tandem with one of children (all of them have jumped multiple times) so it probably won’t happen.

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  2. Looks amazing and sounds like an incredible thing to do but not for me I’m afraid. Like you I’d rather watch someone else do it and enjoy the day. Great photos and they looked like they loved it.

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  3. This actually helps! In the book I’m writing, I’m just finishing a Skydiving scene. I’ve never been skydiving, nor do I plan to. So, I have to rely on other accounts to bring the chapter to life. Thanks!!

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