Foodie Friday: Simple Syrups

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Simple Syrups are easy to make and they can add a lot of flavor to recipes. Below some of my favorites!


I have use this on sweet potato pancakes and mixed with whiskey on the rocks. Get the recipe here.


I have used this syrup in fresh-squeezed lemonade, on meringues, and it can also be used in mixed drinks! This syrup is a favorite at my house and I can’t make enough blueberry lemonade to keep people happy! Get the recipe here.

Lavender Butterfly Pea Flower

I have only used this syrup in drinks, both cocktails and mocktails. Butterfly pea flower tea has a bit of an earthy flavor but is balanced well with a bit of citrus. Get the recipe here.

I have also made a coffee simple syrup that is fantastic on ice cream and in milk in place of chocolate syrup. I’ll make an other batch and post that recipe soon. What are your favorite simple syrups? Let me know in the comments and happy Friday!

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