Central Kansas: Exploring Marquette


The volunteer who told us all the wonderful stories at the Kansas Motorcycle Museum suggested that we check out some other places in town after leaving the museum. One place he suggested was the Smoky Valley Distillery, it was past five though and we were unable to visit but it is on the list for the next trip. The other place on the must visit list was City Sundries, a local sandwich shop. We were directed towards the homemade ice cream and old fashioned soda fountain.

City Sundries Menu Marquette

Keltin got the chocolate chip ice cream and a limeade. I ended up with the sweet almond ice cream and a cherry limeade. That ice cream was some of the best that I have had. We had a good time sitting under the awning outside of the shop. We met the volunteer from the motorcycle museum, he was out picking up dinner for himself and his sister.

Marquette is a small town but there is a lot of life to it and the people are happy to share the proud history of the town with visitors. Have safe visit and happy travels.

Thank you KW Photography for allowing me to use your wonderful photo!

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