Central Kansas: Lindsborg


In the middle of Kansas is the small town Lindsborg, the Little Sweden of the US. It is small, charming little town with a wonderful main street full of art and Dala horses.

When wondering the town make sure to spot all the Wild Dala horses. The real question is, what is a Dala horse? According to the Lindsborg official website:

Its perhaps Sweden’s best known icon, a bluntly rounded, tail-free horse that is thought to have been first whittled out of wood by the fire during long cold Scandinavian nights. In recent years, Lindsborg adopted the Dala symbol of Swedish folk craft as a symbol of identity and welcome.”

Details of the Dali Dala
Gray Mare Dala

I can’t remember all the names of all the Wild Dala but they are quite clever. If you want your own Dala horse to take home make sure to visit Hemsoljd, the Dala and other wooden animals are hand carved and painted in the shop and visitors can see into the workshop! When you visit, know that Välkommen means welcome. Also make sure to stop by Blacksmith Coffee Shop, its a good place to slow down for a minute and enjoy the small town feel.

Safe travels!

Thank you KW Photography for allowing me to use your wonderful photos!

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